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In an increasingly globalizing knowledge-base society, nothing is more important to an individual or a nation than a high-quality, flexible and responsive education system and we are supporting you to get the same

Go study BD is a member of British Council Trained Agent Scheme. Go study BD was established and providing counseling services to students since 2000. Go study BD provides career counseling, University admission processing, analyzing & sorting application requirements for admission processing, visa guidance & assistance, scholarship, assisting & credit transfer or exemption, student accommodation, pre-departure orientation, regular seminars on study options visa requirements & lifestyle.

Go Study Bd Ltd provides transparent, reliable & honest services to students wishing to further their education in UK, Aus, NZ, USA & Canada.


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Ameer Yousuf  Khan, MBA graduate from University of Waikato, New Zealand and former faculty and head of career department of North South University opened the centre for delivering quality educational service to the local students. In the process he has achieved success in shaping thousands of student’s life, who are now settled in different parts of the word.